A Very Smart Cat/Una gata muy inteligente


By Mario Picayo

Illustrated by Yolanda V. Fundora


Meet the smartest cat in the world. She can draw, knows how to
make phone calls, can take pictures, and plays musical instruments. Do you want her? She is yours. Free! 
Read the funny and surprising adventures of this extraordinary pussycat and you will understand why sometimes there is such a thing as too smart. A very, very funny book about a very, very clever cat.

Product Details:

Language: Bilingual: English/Spanish
Recommended Age: 6-11
ISBN-13: 978-1-934370-00-1
Publication date: September 2008
Format: Hardcover, 32 Pages
Product dimensions: 11” (w) x 9.5” (h)
Price: $19.95
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“‘A Very Smart Cat’ aims to amuse and entertain, but also to teach (that all cats are created equal) of human friendship with cats in particular. The charming, colorful illustrations show cozy scenes of a black and white cat in a northeastern farmhouse setting. “A Very Smart Cat” will sweep up the opposition with no visible trouble whatsoever. Translations by Jacqueline Herranz Brooks make “Una Gata Muy Inteligente” a double asset.”
Midwest Book Review

“Do you know a cat that’s a little too smart for its own good? The cat in this story certainly is! She rarely leaves the table and has been known to fall asleep in the fruit basket. If her owner happens to leave food out, she will eat it. The same goes for his morning coffee. If he happens to leave his cell phone on the table, she will not only use it, but she’ll make long distance calls to all her friends while sipping on his cola and eating his chips! When her owner finally puts an ad in the paper to get rid of her, it comes a little too late; the mischievous cat gets the last word! Fundora’s simple illustrations serve to enhance the humor of the story, while the simple text enclosed in speech bubbles makes for easy reading. An amusing tale that will appeal to young children and cat lovers of any age. Recommended for all libraries.”
By Emilia Valerio, Children’s Library, Denver Public Library, CO – Críticas, 11/1/2008
“This book is simply adorable. I am buying it for a friend who’s daughter loves animals and is bilingual- A plus in both ends. The story has me, a cat lover, laughing out loud. However, it is the illustrations that make this book so special. Each page has details to look at over and over again. The bright colors and bold design will attract all readers, young and old. And as apparent who has had to read the same favorite book over and over, each page is a delight to look at, every time.”
-Review posted on Amazon.com

View an excerpt from the book:

If I leave the TV remote control, she changes the channel

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