My Brain Won’t Float Away/Mi cerebro no va a salir flotando

By Annette Pérez

Illustrated by Yolanda V. Fundora



Annie, an eight-year-old girl, gathers the courage to ask her mother, “Why is one of my hands smaller than the other? Why do I fall so much?”
What follows is a story of fears, will, self-discovery, and finally, triumph. Annette Pérez narrates her true story of growing up with hydrocephalus with humor, honesty, and compassion, and proves with this story that even the simplest act can change one’s life forever.

Product Details:

Language: Bilingual: English/Spanish
Recommended Age: 7-11
ISBN-13: 978-0-9725611-2-9
Publication date: September 2007
Format: Hardcover, 32 Pages
Product dimensions: 11” (w) x 9.5” (h)
Price: $19.95
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Can you tie your sneakers?

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My Brain Won’t Float Away/Mi cerebro no va a salir flotando: Study Guide

More about this title:

“My Brain Won’t Float Away” Featured in U.S. Virgin Islands Summer Reading Challenge, June 2012
Author Annette Pérez Receives United Federation of Teachers Outstanding Paraprofessional Award, April 2010
“My Brain Won’t Float Away” author to appear in popular morning show Despierta America (Univision), January 2008
“My Brain Won’t Float Away/Mi cerebro no va a salir flotando” given out as Three Kings Day present, Puerto Rico, December 2007
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