Four Wishes For Robbie

By Mario Picayo

Illustrated by Pablo Picayo


Meet Robbie, a nine-year-old kid with a dog, too much homework, parents that don’t listen to him, and most of all, a fine mess to get out of. What mess you ask? He was granted four wishes, and they all came true! Well, sort of…
Read Four Wishes for Robbie, and follow the adventures of this young hero as his life goes from normal to very strange all because of a comic book, a mango, and four little aliens. An original, clever, and entertaining story that will delight and surprise readers of all ages. Includes a reader’s guide, interviews, and a sketchbook by the illustrator.

Product Details:

Language: English
Recommended Age: 8-12
ISBN-13: 978-1-934370-19-3
Publication date: June 2012
Format: Hardcover, 64 Pages
Product dimensions: 6” (w) x 9” (h)
Price: $12.95
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View an excerpt from the book:

Robbie’s not very normal nights

More about this title:

Illustrator Pablo Picayo Attends New York’s Annual Comic Convention, October 13, 2012
“Four Wishes For Robbie” Featured in U.S. Virgin Islands Summer Reading Challenge, June 2012


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